i accept- Surrendering privacy?


Recently, I was planning a vacation to Pushkar on a popular chat platform with my friend, suddenly a couple of hours later, I found advertisements of hotels in Pushkar started populating as suggested posts on my social media network. I was shocked to realize that how my social network window got to know about my […]

Ranking - A way to differentiate Business

Ranking – A way to differentiate Business

Ranking, a growth engine Background: Nascent business are especially vulnerable to internal and external forces that may jeopardise their very survival.The importance of ranking and consulting firms to help assess, educate and steer startups and SMEs on the path to success. At present we are witnessing the transformation of traditional business models to a new paradigm […]

Trade War

Trade War or Play Field

Is India padding up as next batsman? In economies, someone’s profit is someone’s loss. News like Apple moving out its 30% of iPhone production out of China has given India an opportunity to lure companies by offering financial incentives like preferential tax rates or tax holiday. Looking at the current economic data, measures like these […]