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Business Process Ranking

  • SME Ranking
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  • Annual Ranking
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  • Handholding Support
  • Corporate training
  • Compliance & Legal Support
  • All features of BPR


  • Start-Up Ranking
  • Business Health Check-up
  • Mentor Support
  • BEDROCK Certificate
  • Incubation Support
  • Funding Assistance

Frequently asked questions

In today’s era of change, it is important for an organization to access its capabilities and work on its weakness.

We at Bedrock, understands these concern and help our customers to perform practical SWOT Analysis in a simple manner. Bedrock Rankings helps organization to identify their prominent competitors and its current areas of improvement. Also, it helps organization to showcase their best practices on the large platforms.

It is a completely online and hassle free process. After making payment and submission of essential fact-sheets, it usually takes around 10 days to analyse and rank any organisation.

However, for any specific investigation/analysis it make take some extra time.

Getting ranked gives you credentials on processes involved in the organisation.

Bedrock provide an index of best 500 organisations in SME & Start-ups Sector. It recognises all the certified organisations across all online/offline platforms.

IPR i.e. Innovator Performance Ranking is only for start-ups who are at their initial stage with less than an operational history of 3 years.

BPR i.e Business Process Ranking is only for SME (Small & Medium Enterprise).

PIP i.e. Performance Improvement Plan is an annual handholding plan where all the features and benefits of BPR and IPR will be given. Along with, extra benefits. Any organization seeking for process improvement can opt for it.

Bedrock comes with an exceptional team of analysts, researches and professionals with working experience of over a decade. Our team help our customers in identifying the nut bolts required to improve the process and withstand the turbulence in this ever challenging business environment.